Training on the management of the End to End data Management (E2EDM) prototype system

22 - 25 October 2007, Oostende, Belgium

Training on the End to End data Management (E2EDM) system. How to be connected to the system.

About 16-18 participants, duration - 4 days. A selection of trainees will be made through the IODE ODINs coordinators.

Location UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE
Wandelaarkaai 7 - Pakhuis 61
B-8400 Oostende

Organisers & Staff

  Nikolai MIKHAILOV (contact for Programme content)
  Wouter ROMMENS (contact for Practical arrangements)
  Volodymyr VLADYMYROV (contact for Practical arrangements)


There are 18 participants associated with this event.

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Group(s): IODE
Label(s): IODE training course
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