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The 22nd Session of the IODE Committee was held in Ensenada, Mexico between 11 and 15 March 2013 hosted by the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Ensenada. The local host was Carlos Torres Navarrete (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Follow-up to IODE-XXII

The follow-up of IODE-XXII consists of implementing the Recommendations and implementing other decisions by the Committee. To monitor progress two documents are available for this purpose: 

Everyone can view these documents but only the IODE Officers can edit them.

Report and Results


The Session was attended by 78 participants from 37 IOC Member States and 14 organizations. The Session adopted 20 recommendations that provided a clear path to IODE's restructuring and re-organization. The key recommendations established a joint IAMSLIC-IODE group of experts on marine information management, an ocean data standards and best practices project and associated clearing house for data/information management practices, the IODE Associate Data Unit and IODE Global Data Assembly Centres as new structural elements, the IODE Quality Management Framework, and also revised the IODE objectives. The Committee adopted a work plan and budget that, taking into account the UNESCO financial crisis, would be based mainly on income from extra-budgetary sources. The Committee re-elected Ms Sissy Iona (Greece) and Mr Ariel Troisi (Argentina) as IODE Co-Chairs.

The report is available through 





The Sesion adopted 20 recommendations. They are listed HERE

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During the Session, 4 new awards were bestowed on IODE experts who provided a special contribution to the IODE programme. More information HERE





Available documentation and list of participants can be found HERE

Pre-Conference Workshop

Information on the "IODE-XXII Pre-Conference Training Course and Workshop" can be found HERE

Practical Information

Practical information for the event was made available through

The venue of IODE-XXII was the "Centro Social, Civico y Cultural Ensenada"

You will find more information on the venue, hotels, Ensenada, travel information etc on the web site.


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