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21-March-2014: IODE Steering Group for OceanDocs, 3rd Session ends

sgoceandocs3The Third Session of the IODE Steering Group for OceanDocs was held in Woods Hole, United States between 17 en 21 March 2014. The meeting adopted a new medium-term strategic vision that will change OceanDocs from a centralized e-repository to a distributed network of institutional repositories, hosted by IOC Member States but searchable through a central web site. The Session further designated Ms Pauline Simpson as Project Manager and Mr Adi Kakodkar as Technical Manager.  The Group also welcomed two new Co-Chairs of the Steering Group: Ms Arame Keita (Senegal) and Ms Jennifer Walton (USA). The report is available HERE.

6-March-2014: First ODINWESTPAC planning meeting concludes in Tianjin

wr262The first planning workshop for the Ocean Data and Information Network for the WESTPAC region (ODINWESTPAC) was held in Tianjin, China between 4 and 6 March 2014. Co-sponsored by the Government of China (NMDIS), the meeting was attended by 21 participants from 9 WESTPAC Member States. The meeting discussed the current status of data and information management in the region, where currently only 5 of the 9 participating Member States have established an IODE NODC. The meeting adopted a work plan for 2014-2016 that focuses on the establishment of a regional metadatabase, e-repository, assistance with the development of NODCs and ADUs, establishing of quality management systems, as well as related training. The meeting further invited Prof Shaohua Lin (China) to continue as ODINWESTPAC coordinator and also designated 3 work package coordinators (from China, Australia and Japan) to assist with the implementation of the work plan. Report: 


25-Feb-2014: Third Session of the IODE Steering Group for OBIS - Report now available

sgobis3The Third Session of the IODE Steering Group for OBIS (SG-OBIS) was held at the IOC Project Office for IODE, Oostende, Belgium between 4-6 December 2013.

The Executive Summary is available HERE and the full report can be downloaded HERE.



04-Feb-2014: IODE Quality Management Framework for NODCs published

mg67The IODE Quality Management Framework (IODE-QMF) prvides a overall strategy, advice and guidance for NODCs to design and implement quality management systems (QMS) for the successful delivery of oceanographic and related data, products and services. The IODE encourages NODCs to implement a QMS and to demonstrate they are in conformity with ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management. While formal ISO 9001 certification is not mandatory, NODCs must be able to demonstrate that an effective quality management system has been implemented. The document can be downloaded HERE. More information on the IODE QMF Project can be found HERE.


3-February-2014: IODE Officers revise work plan and budget 2014-2015


The IODE Officers met in Geneva, Switzerland between 27-28 January 2014. They reviewed progress made with the IODE-XXII work plan (April-December 2013) and also revised the IODE-XXII work plan for 2014-2015, taking into account available funding. In this regard it was noted that the funding from UNESCO has increased to $80,000/year. This increase, although limited, will allow the re-start of several projects that had become dormant during the previous years 2012-2013 (especially regional projects). 

The Officers allocated funding to each project that submitted a proposed work plan and budget aiming at a balanced distrbution between global and regional activities. 

The full report of the meeting is available HERE

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