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17-Jul-2014: Indonesia establishes NODC

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Indonesia announced the establishment of its National Oceanographic Data Centre, which is based at the Badan Informasi Geospasial (Agency for Geospatial Information) in Jalan Raya Jakarta. The IODE national coordinator for data management us Mr Dodi Sukmayadi. More information on the new Centre can be found through the web site and in the IODE web site's NODC/DNA page 


16-Jul-2014: Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit establishes ADU

czmu barbadosThe Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) is a specialized government agency focused on coastal conservation through shoreline monitoring, stabilization and enhancement. This is achieved through multidisciplinary activities inter alia: coral reef monitoring, evaluation of all coastal development applications from the Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO), routine beach erosion and accretion monitoring, oceanographic monitoring, routine updating of the inventory of coastal structures, the regulation of marine research, public education on coastal management, and coastal conservation project designs and management. The organization features of three technical departments (Coastal Planning, Coastal Engineering and Marine Research) as well as a Project Execution Unit, and has an overall staff compliment of 35. The CZMU, is dedicated to advancing the knowledge, use, development, conservation and management of the coastal zone of Barbados and its resources. Currently, the...

16-Jul-2014: Ukrainian Scientific centre of the Sea establishes ADU

ukrscesThe Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea (USCES) has been designated as an IODE Assciate Data Unit (ADU) on 15 JUly 2014. It is the main institution of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine in the field of marine ecological researches. USCES – is an unique institution of all state ecological systems of monitoring within the Black and Azov Seas, which provides a whole complex of tasks of ecological monitoring. The main task of UkrSCES is scientific and practical providing of realization of public policy of Ukraine in relation to the protection, rational use and rehabilitation of natural resources in the Black and Azov Seas basin, and also provides implementation of international obligations of Ukraine, in relation to marine aspects. It serves several online databases and GIS services online through its web site and  - more HERE

14 July 2014 Tony Rees, OBIS Australia, wins the Ebbe Nielsen Prize


The GBIF Science Committee awards the annual Ebbe Nielsen Prize to researchers combining biosystematics and biodiversity informatics research in an exciting and novel way. This year, GBIF has awarded its prestigious Prize to Tony Rees, whose groundbreaking informatics tools have significantly advanced the delivery of data about life on Earth.

We are very glad Tony Rees' life work, dedication and perseverance is rewarded by this prestigious prize. Tony has successfully combined two of his passions, informatics and biology, and with the right intuition and knowledge has built solutions that has been used by thousands of scientists all over the world. The development of a global reference list of all genera and a species name matching tool was spot on. We are all used to automated spell checkers now, but correcting scientific names is something different. His tool is able to catch >95% of all the common misspellings and variations and has substantially increased the quality of data...

2-July-2014: Vacancy OBIS Data Manager

OBIS LogoUNESCO/IOC-IODE is looking for a data manager to support the OBIS secretariat in Ostend (Belgium). This is a project appointment initially for one year. Please find more information HERE.

Candidates need to submit their CV (UNESCO template), motivation letter and 3 references before 15 August 2014.

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